I specialize in these three areas:

Cultural Identity 

I work with women and men from diverse backgrounds who feel torn between cultures. Some are immersed in modern western culture but also feel a strong tie to their traditional roots. Others are foreign-born and struggle with assimilation issues. My work focuses on guiding my clients as they navigate this in-between space to find a sense of belonging and to embrace their identity. I am of Vietnamese descent and am a native speaker of English and Vietnamese.

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Grief and Loss 

When a relationship ends or someone close to us passes, it may feel like there's also a death inside our own body. Deep within our souls, we may experience emptiness and numbness, a pain so excruciating that it can sometimes feel intolerable. My goal is to help you compassionately honor these feelings and then, in due time, move forward with your life. 

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Healthy Love

Most people want fun, supportive, sexually alive and nurturing romantic relationships, but many feel disappointed, anxious, hopeless and lonely. In our work together, I will help you explore your blocks to having the relationship that you want, and you learn to avoid repeating patterns that no longer serve you. Having healthy intimacy with yourself and others is the ingredient to inner peace.



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* Psychotherapy services are available to individuals of all sexual orientations, ages and cultural backgrounds.

Kelly Nguyen, M.A., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  #77122