Relationships can be the source of your pain
and the joy in life.


Have you taken time to investigate the relationships in your life?
What can you do to achieve more satisfying relationships?


Hello, my name is Kelly Nguyen and I am a licensed psychotherapist who is passionate about helping you cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and others. 

Relationships are challenging no matter what. They are especially difficult if you've had minimal guidance in learning healthy ways of dealing with conflict or asking for what you need. This lack of exposure to healthy ways of relating can show up in friendships, in a romantic relationship or at work through behaviors such as avoidance, accommodation or other ineffective actions. The result is disconnection and dissatisfaction. It is important to understand how you show up in relationship in order to make improvements. This requires that you make an investment in yourself and take a deep look inside in order for change to happen. I am here to help you with this process.

If you are serious about getting better at relationships, contact me for a consultation.