What can I expect during my visits with you?
We will have 50 minutes together per session.

That time is all about you! Here, you can let yourself freely talk about absolutely anything without judgement. Over time, as we work together we will:

  • Try to understand together what you need support with. 
  • Help you recognize what you are doing unconsciously that may spark or prolong your suffering.
  • Be curious together as to why you are doing it. 
  • Get clarity about the issue you are bringing to me and then deciding whether you want to change it.

Once per week is typical for therapy. But if you are interested in additional support, we could meet more frequently.


Do you accept Insurance?

I am considered an Out-of-Network provider which means that you may receive anywhere from zero to partial reimbursement for our sessions, depending on your plan. I am happy to provide you with a billing statement for you to use for reimbursement claims and/or towards insurance deductible. 


What is your theoretical orientation?
I practice psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It is based on a model of human psychological development that begins at birth, in the relationship between the child and his or her caregivers, and continues throughout the entire life cycle. 

Basically, what this means is that you and I will have the opportunity to explore the patterns that trouble you in other important parts of your life. Unlike other relationships, however, in the unique and safe environment of therapy we have a chance at a corrective experience.


Do you work with kids and other kinds of issues besides relationship?
I have extensive experience and special interest in working with adults and kids who suffer from depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, anger management, and cultural issues. I believe that it is important to address these issues because they can have significant impacts on our relationships. My work is also rooted in my cultural history. As a bicultural and bilingual individual, I’m familiar with the psychological challenges faced by immigrants and others with bicultural identities and backgrounds. I offer therapy in English and Vietnamese.

Email me or call for a consultation: (415) 938-7670