Who I Work With

I work with individuals and couples

of all ages, sexual orientations, cultural backgrounds and spiritual traditions.

I work with adults who struggle with the following:

  • a breakup or divorce
  • dating
  • loneliness in a relationship
  • leaving an unhealthy relationship
  • recovering from infidelity
  • knowing if you are with the right person
  • sex and intimacy
  • feeling unheard
  • repeating the same arguments
  • cohabitation
  • parenting or step parenting
  • accommodating to others out of fear of loss of relationship
  • playing nice just to be liked but at a cost to self
  • holding back on saying what you really think or feel
  • difficulty setting healthy boundaries
  • repeatedly attracting unavailable partners
  • not knowing how to let healthy people in
  • engaging in destructive activities to ward off pain
  • sabotaging relationships with addiction
  • losing a partner or loved one
  • ending relationships prematurely when it gets too real


Email me or call for a consultation: (415) 938-7670